Waste Management today launched our sustainability strategy called For Future Generations which provides the foundation for the future sustainability of our  company and the communities in which we operate across New Zealand.

In developing For Future Generations, Waste Management  engaged external and internal stakeholders to identify those issues  considered material for us to address in order to be sustainable for the  future.

From this process, five programme areas and 13 projects were identified as being key to improving our sustainability.

Tom Nickels, Waste Management Managing Director, says “For many years  we have understood the critical role we play in safeguarding our  future. Formalising this into a public document that identifies key  programme areas is an important step, and we commit to reporting our  progress on these annually”.

The five programme areas

  1. Our Environment reflects a continuation of our efforts in protecting and enhancing the environment.
  2. Our Communities reflects the expressed desire from our  stakeholders that our communities are wanting to make better choices  around waste – but they would like our help, knowledge and expertise to  do this.
  3. Our Customers recognises the increasing importance of waste and environmental services to our customers.
  4. Our People addresses the importance of our Waste Management team in making us a sustainable company into the future.
  5. Our Business reflects the essential and enduring nature of the services we provide.

We have linked each of these programme areas to the UN Sustainable  Development Goals, ensuring we are positively influencing achievement of  these global goals as well as creating value for our business and  stakeholders.

“At this particular time, with significant challenges in terms of  addressing climate change and volatility in the global recycling market,  we are acutely aware of the responsibility we have to ensure the  sustainability of our business for the future benefit to New Zealand,”  says Nickels.

We look forward to providing updates on the projects within this  strategy as we seek to improve the sustainability of this beautiful  country.

To find out more visit our For Future Generations website or follow For Future Generations on Facebook for updates.