Waste Management NZ welcomes the Interim Climate Change  Commission’s call today for more electrification of New Zealand’s road  fleet in reducing carbon emissions.

Managing Director Tom Nickels said the report was a reminder of the  environmental benefits of EVs, with the company having started its shift  to EV waste collection trucks three years ago.

“Reducing transport emissions will help safeguard our environment for  future generations. That’s why we have made the commitment to adopt  electric vehicle technology.

“There are real challenges in shifting to EVs for a heavy fleet. It’s  still early days for us, but getting more diesel trucks off the road has  to be a good step forward.”

Waste Management currently has 9 EV trucks. It is working to have 20 of  its national truck fleet converted to electric and around 100 electric  vehicles in its light fleet by the end of 2019.

Waste Management was the first company to introduce electric trucks  into its fleet and is now converting its diesel trucks to electric in a  purpose-built facility in Auckland.

“Our EV workshop has created a knowledge centre for EV conversion and  will help us, and other businesses, contribute to a more sustainable  future,” Mr Nickels said.

Waste Management has committed to reducing its GHG emissions in line with the Paris Agreement for a future low carbon economy.

Marking a first for the waste industry in New Zealand, the company  recently achieved CEMARS® (Certified Emissions Measurement and Reduction  Scheme) certification, measuring its carbon footprint.