This key performance area reflects the essential and enduring nature of the services we provide and the importance of these to our customers and the community. Operating our business sustainably will have a wide-reaching positive impact, environmentally, socially and financially for NZ into the future.

Goal 1: Contribute To NZ's Circular Economy

Key Actions

Develop partnerships with New Zealand manufacturers who are customers to support and drive the circular economy.

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Quarter 2 Update

A number of new partnership initiatives are currently being worked on.

Goal 2: Manage Critical Climate Change Risk

Key Actions

Identify, assess and mitigate Waste Management's climate change risks.

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Quarter 2 Update

An externally facilitated workshop is scheduled for Quarter 3 with our Executive Management Team to identify and assess our physical climate change risks.

Goal 3: Minimise Our Own Waste

Key Actions

Implement the 2020 Waste Management Plan.

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Quarter 2 Update

All sites have been allocated a team member to manage collection services and reporting.

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