We are thrilled to have had have six of our electric vehicles on display at International Drive Electric Week 2018!
The event is a celebration of New Zealand’s Electric Vehicle (EV)  progress and aims to heighten awareness around the ease of today's  increasingly extensive availability of all-electric, plug-in  hybrid-electric cars, trucks, motorcycles, and more.
Aimed at those who are keen to learn more, or may not have  experienced EVs first hand, the annual event gives attendees the  opportunity to head along and engage directly with the vehicles, EV  knowledge base and community.
Attendees were able to test drive EVs and engage with owners to  discuss the pros and cons of moving from traditional fossil fuel powered  vehicles to electric.
Members of our Waste Management team were present and sharing their  own EV knowledge and experience, alongside our electric box body truck,  five of our light fleet vehicles and EVs from Air New Zealand and  Westpac.
The event is hosted under Leadingthecharge, a rallying cry of the  Better NZ Trust- a charitable trust aimed at making the lives of  everyday New Zealander’s better through sustainable living. Of  particular focus is encouraging the uptake of electric vehicles.