Leading independent experts are providing guidance and  oversight to Waste Management’s sustainability strategy For Future  Generations.

It is part of the drive by Waste Management, which is New Zealand’s  leading resource recovery, recycling and waste management provider, to  deliver on the commitments made in its sustainability strategy, launched  last year.

The external Sustainability Advisory Board includes well-known  environmentalist Sir Rob Fenwick, General Manager of Sustainability at  Sanford Group Lisa Martin and environmental advisor and consultant to  councils, iwi and corporate Tim Manukau.

The Board met for the first time last week to conduct an in-depth review of For Future Generations.  They also spent time reviewing Waste Management’s CEMARS accredited  carbon footprint and provided insights and recommendations on  initiatives to help reduce the company’s greenhouse gas emissions.

Waste Management Managing Director Tom Nickels says the company  understands the critical role it plays in safeguarding New Zealand’s  future.

“This external advisory board will provide guidance and support, and  challenge us to do better in providing sustainable waste and  environmental services for New Zealand.”