We are pleased to  be recognised for our work in the EV field as a finalist in the annual  NZI Sustainable Business Network Awards, under the WSP Opus sponsored  Smarter Transport category.

In 2016 WMNZ announced our Sustainability Commitment, under which we  shared our undertaking of an Electric Vehicle (EV) programme.

We recognised a need to transform the way we approach transport, by  moving away from traditional fossil fuel energy and towards low carbon  people centric solutions.

Our vision is strongly supported by our Managing Director Tom  Nickels, who sees our electric future becoming reality as we start to  convert vehicles here in New Zealand:

“Our investment in the EV workshop will create a knowledge centre for  EV conversion in New Zealand and will help us move towards our long  term goal of a fleet of fully electric vehicles.”

Since 2016, we have converted six trucks to electric, transitioned 20  light vehicles to electric and we have opened an EV Innovation Hub.

The Hub is New Zealand’s first workshop dedicated to converting  diesel trucks to electric, where our team are working to convert our own  fleet, as well as those of other companies looking to transition to  electric.

We see our future as electric, and with the support of ECCA’s Low  Emission Vehicles Contestable Fund our EV Innovation Hub is aiming to  make New Zealand’s future electric also.

The NZI Sustainable Business Network Awards are in their 16th annual year and are the longest-standing sustainability awards in New Zealand.

Winners will be announced 22 November.

Click here to see the full list of finalists.