Waste Management is currently progressing a proposal to establish an industrial waste treatment plant and a tyre recycling plant at 305 Marshs Road, South Hornby, Christchurch. This is next to its existing office and recycling facility at 301 Marshs Road.

The proposed industrial waste treatment plant will eventually replace Waste Management’s existing facility located at 88 Francella St, Bromley. This plant receives a variety of wastes that are processed prior to disposal to landfill and tradewaste.

In addition, another plant will process waste tyres, turning end of life tyres into tyre derived fuel.

Christchurch City Council granted consent for these operations at the site in December 2018. As a final step, Waste Management is now applying for an air discharge consent for the site from Environment Canterbury.

The potential air quality effects at 305 Marshs Road are expected to be less than minor based on measures successfully employed at Waste Management’s existing Bromley site.

Treatment of odorous waste will occur within an enclosed building. The air from this building will be treated by a biofilter.

It is planned for the new development to commence operations in June 2020.

More information on Environment Canterbury’s consent process is available  here